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Street Teams

Street Team Marketing is sending a group of "Brand Ambassadors" out to do in-person promotion.

Have you ever been out to a fair or a busy place and encountered a group of people in branded outfits handing out samples or coupons for a product? Large corporations use this technique quite frequently, because they know it's effective.

As hokey and corporateese as it is, the term "brand ambassador" is quite accurate, they're building brand awareness and they are in a foreign place, so they are ambassadors.

You can employ this technique yourself in two ways, either recruit your fans or hire professionals. I can help you with both.


Why Use Street Teams

The dinosaurs of media and advertising are dying

  • Cost Effective
  • In Person Marketing
  • Creates a Buzz
  • Reach people when they are out having fun
  • Break out from the noise

Street Team Marketing or Experiential Marketing offers a third dimension to your marketing efforts. Mitch Rossow can get the word on the street to drive traffic to your door!

Volunteer Street Teams

Recruit your fans to help

If you are musician that tours or run an organization, you can get your fans and members to help with marketing.

Offer a poster and flyer in a downloadable form on your site. Fans can then print out and go hang up the poster or share the info with friends in person!

Distro Guys

Hire Professional Street Teams

DistroGuys is a new company that provides professional Street Teams for small or large companies, They provide and train the Brand Ambassadors, develop your materials and find suitable locations — all at very affordable prices. Learn More at their website